To Those Wetting Their Beds Over Erick Erickson's Shooting Holes In The NY Times: Grow Up


What has become of us as a society? Are we so hyper-sensitive that the slightest provocation even when done tongue-in-cheek is worthy of a freak out session? Seriously, when did we cross the line from worrying about big picture issues to getting our panties in a wad over harmless actions?


Erick Erickson (who is the Editor-In-Chief of RedState but had zero to say about this post being written) took a copy of last Saturday’s New York Times to a gun range and used the hyperbolic front page editorial about the mythical “gun epidemic” as a target. He then posted photos.

Well whoop dee damn do, right?

Not to the left, many of whom, collectively had a cow over such on outrageous stunt. Here are some example headlines:

I like the two that claim Erick “literally” shot at the NY Times as if he was standing outside 620 8th Avenue in New York City with a Rambo bandanna around his head firing at the building with an M16.

Is there any real concern here on the part of these media outlets or the people tweeting angrily at Erick that he should have his guns taken away? Of course not. This is all political posturing. Know why? Because the left didn’t care at all about the following:


They didn’t bat an eyelash about Gabby Giffords before her tragic shooting was used as political fodder by the left to screech over “harsh political rhetoric.” They certainly did not raise a stink over this image:


Note the paper target appears to display the image of a young man of obvious Hispanic descent. He certainly is not Norwegian.

How about these images taken from anti-war rallies during the time George W. Bush was President?



The above two images of paper signs were taken at an anti-war rally in Los Angeles, March 15 2008.

Last but not least, the hand wringing, fainting couch, got-the-vapors left didn’t bat an eye over a 2006 docudrama, ‘Death Of A President.’  that depicted the assassination of a sitting United States President, George W. Bush.


Classy, isn’t it?

To the aforementioned ninnies who think Erick using a newspaper as a target is one of the worst things of all time, kindly get over yourselves.


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