Narrative Down? Neighbors Say Robert Lewis Dear Never Talked Religion Or Abortion


If there is anything the left (and by extension the mainstream media) loves more than anything else, it is maintaining their own little narratives about events in the news. The same people who will scream bloody murder over the phrase “radical Islam” are the first to claim any violence directed at or near a Planned Parenthood facility is without a doubt, a radical right wing crazy Christian who was undoubtedly influenced by Center for Medical Progress videos, exposing Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting and pro-life people like myself, who find what Planned Parenthood does to be abhorrent.


All one has to do is peruse Twitter to see it played out. Here’s Jill Filipovic, left wing writer, formerly of Cosmopolitan:

And here is professional left wing troll, Oliver Willis of Media Matters:

To these people and many more, facts don’t matter. Narrative does.

As long as they can perpetuate the lie Robert Lewis Dear is just like any of us who are sickened Planned Parenthood snuffs out the lives over 300,000 babies a year while getting taxpayer subsidies, they’re satisfied. They couldn’t care less about the truth.

Three people were killed including a pro-life, Christian police officer – Garrett Swasey – and their first instinct, ironically enough, is to point the finger of blame at people like Garrett Swasey just because they happen to be pro-life.

They’re never prepared for when their precious narrative begins to fall apart, and initially, it appears to be the case here. Dear, at first, seems to be fitting the profile of many of the mass shooters over the last several years: A person who suffers some form of mental illness. From The Washington Post:


To neighbors, it looked like a “moonshine shack,” a little yellow wooden hut, with overgrown weeds and no power or indoor plumbing, banged together by its owner, Robert Lewis Dear Jr.

And whenever Dear came to stay in his shack in the woods, the neighbors in Anderson Acres, a community of about seven houses along a steep, gravel road here, kept their kids inside.

“He was the kind of person you had to watch out for,” said one neighbor, who asked not to be identified, saying he feared retaliation from Dear or his family. “He was a very weird individual. It’s hard to explain, but he had a weird look in his eye most of the time.”

Dear, 57, the man in custody for Friday’s shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, appears to have been a malcontent who drifted from place to place in the past couple of years. In addition to the shack, he lived in a mobile home in another town in North Carolina and a camper on a piece of vacant land in Colorado, which he shared with a woman who moved with him from the East Coast.

Some who knew him found him unremarkable, while others said he seemed delusional and aggressive. He had a history of run-ins with neighbors and police, including arrests for cruelty to animals and being a “peeping Tom.” He was not convicted in either case.

“It’s just too devastating, it’s just something you can’t fathom happening,” Pamela Ross, who was married to Dear nearly 20 years ago, said in a brief interview Saturday. She declined to comment further.

Dear’s problems with the law date to 1997, when his then-wife reported to police that Dear had assaulted her, according to reports filed with the Sheriff’s Office in Colleton County, S.C., where Dear lived at the time. She declined to file charges against him but told police she reported it because she “wanted something on record of this incident occurring.”

Colleton County police released reports of at least seven other incidents where Dear had disputes or physical altercations with neighbors or other residents.

“He complained about everything,” said the neighbor. “He said he worked with the government, and everybody was out to get him, and he knew the secrets of the U.S.A. He said, ‘Nobody touch me, because I’ve got enough information to put the whole U.S. of A in danger.’ It was very crazy.”


But there are two subjects that never came up: 

The suspected gunman’s neighbors in Black Mountain said Robert Lewis Dear kept mostly to himself. But James Russell said when Dear did talk, it was a rambling combination of a number of topics that didn’t make sense together and he tended to avoid eye contact.

“If you talked to him, nothing with him was very cognitive,” said Russell, who lives a few hundred feet down the mountain.

Two topics Russell said he never heard Dear talk about were religion or abortion.

Emphasis mine.

More information is sure to be released and who knows? Maybe investigators will find evidence of Dear railing about Planned Parenthood. That remains to be seen. However, early indications are this is another example of the single area the left dares not tread: mental illness.

And why would they want to go there? Doing so, pushes their narrative further away and they’d rather keep the politics in play rather than search for any real solutions.


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