Scarborough's Claim That Hillary And Trump "Raked Over The Coals" By The Media Is Nonsense


There is a baked in media bias against Republicans and conservatives. Those in the media can protest all they want but it’s true. Most journalists are liberals and Democrats and their biases show in their reporting whether they want to believe it or not. The recent reporting on Ben Carson has not only been biased but also lazy and sloppy. Some of it has been downright dishonest.

Frankly, I think Carson’s handling of the events over the last several days has been pretty poor. Calling out how the press failed to scrutinize Barack Obama in this way in 2007-2008 while true, is counterproductive. He’d do well to read Rick Wilson’s outline of how to play the media game and stick to it.

Still, it was ridiculous to watch Morning Joe on Monday and see Joe Scarborough and Nicolle Wallace (she of the disastrous 2008 [mc_name name=’Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000303′ ] campaign), hooting and hollering about what a “liar” Ben Carson is and behaving like third graders when they cackled and mocked what Carson said about the pyramids in Egypt.

It didn’t get any better when a few minutes later, Scarborough attempted to defend what he was doing by pointing out the media coverage of other candidates. He said the same thing about two current candidates for President, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Look at these clips:

On Hillary:

On Trump:

For Scarborough to say that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump have been “raked over the coals” just does not hold up under scrutiny.

Donald Trump has received far more media coverage than any GOP candidate for President by far. As Columbia Journalism Review has pointed out, Trump has basically utilized media coverage to his benefit, saving money by not having to spend on ads due in large part to the saturated coverage he has received. CJR says this which is also key:

When the press does attempt to hold Trump accountable, he parries and pivots to highlight his strengths, however abstract.

It does demonstrate in part, Trump’s ability to deal with the media, but they have not pressed him on his past the way they have Ben Carson. Not even close. If Joe Scarborough wants his claim Trump has been “raked over the coals” to have some accuracy, he can say it after the media:

In addition to that, I didn’t see anybody lecturing Trump about being in the “big leagues” when he stomped his feet and boycotted Fox News for a short period.

As for Hillary, Scarborough had Hugh Hewitt on the show the same day. Hewitt attempted to prove the point about media coverage of candidates when he told Scarborough, Morning Joe had nothing to say about the story Lachlan Markay had written days earlier about the NDA Hillary Clinton signed when she took over as Secretary of State. The NDA blows up Hillary’s claim that as long as emails she received were not “marked” classified, she did nothing wrong.

This goes against her entire narrative about her emails and whether or not she mishandled classified information and possibly committed crimes. A Google search of “Hillary NDA” brings back results from Fox News, The Washington Free Beacon, RedState, The Blaze, and Hotair.

Do you notice a pattern here, Joe?

Caleb Howe makes a great point in how the coverage between Carson and Hillary differs:

Any story about Ben Carson is presented from the media as a sort of “ah HAH!! Got him!” moment, while the reluctant coverage of everything Hillary is reported by every network but Fox News with an eye roll and an exasperated sigh, as if to say “ugh, the stupid Republicans are trying another stupid attack against virtuous Hillary.”

He’s right. Once the media really starts digging into Donald Trump’s background as they have Carson and once the media starts treating possible criminal behavior by Hillary Clinton seriously instead of a chore that bothers them, claiming they have been “raked over the coals” has zero validity.


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