Marco Rubio Speaks at #RSG15

The story of Marco Rubio is one that is tied closely to the success of the RedState Gathering. Back at the first Gathering in 2009, [mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ] was a former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives drawing about 1% of the vote in a Republican primary opinion poll versus Governor Charlie Crist. He won the primary election against Mr. Crist, of course, and he won the general election. Now, he is running for the Republican nod for the Presidency, and it is easily apparent that he has a lot of support for that honor. As he has been so willing to do in the past, he stopped by this year’s Gathering to speak to everyone. Here is what he said:


Perhaps no candidate is as well equipped to discuss American Exeptionalism as a personal issue than he is. He discusses all the other important issues Republican candidates discuss, but his belief in America’s strength and potential as a personal issue might be second to none among the candidates in 2016. While every candidate thus far who has spoken at the Gathering had given an excellent speech, I don’t know if anyone has done a better job of fulfilling the theme of “Vision 2020” better than he has. If nothing else, listen to what he has to say about reforming higher education roughly 11 minutes intone video. It is gratifying to hear a candidate for President discussing these things.

No matter what you think of Mr.Rubio, his speech to our Gathering this year is by all means worth a listen. He hits on the important points, but I get the feeling that he believes the RedState crowd is special to him. This isn’t just a campaign speech. It’s something he believes in his heart. He is, by all means, worth a serious look for 2016.



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