College Students: Vote for Hillary because she's a Woman

As the first week of Hillary Clinton’s official campaign for President draws to a close, she has still been very hesitant to lay out a policy agenda. She claims it’s because she wants more voter input, but ultimately, it’s almost certainly because she doesn’t want people to know what she believes. After all, taking a star on a controversial issue might scare away voters. Nevertheless, some millennial have already found enough of a reason to vote for her: she’s a woman. This isn’t a surprising piece of news, of course, but it certainly doesn’t make one enthusiastic about our nation’s future.


As an example, here’s what Campus Reform found when they visited the University of Washington:

“She’s a woman, and that’s literally all,” one female student told Campus Reform.

“Because it’s time we have a female president,” another woman said.

Since the University of Washington is in Seattle, the biggest bastion of the far Left in a bluish-purple state like Washington, this probably skews the responses somewhat, but what you’ve heard here is representative of what plenty of students think at campuses across the country. It’s a product of the same kind of affirmative action mentality that gave us President Barack Obama. Given all the obsession with privilege both white and male, it’s hardly surprising to see people supporting Hillary only because she’s a woman. After all, academia is the main promoter of the privilege theory, and we’ve got to elect a woman President to help correct all the centuries of unjust oppression of women at the hands of the evil patriarchy.

A sizable number of the students who think this way aren’t doctrinaire Leftwingers themselves. It’s just what they’ve been taught by their professors and the media. They won’t give the Republicans a second look, even though many of them would probably agree with what guys like Cruz, Rubio, Walker, and Paul are saying if you laid out their policy positions to them. They’d rather vote for Hillary to ease their conscience. Some blame does rest upon millennials’ vapidity, but ultimately, it’s the media and those teaching them (both in college and in their schooling before then) who are responsible for laying the foundation for this mindset.


This is a huge part of the reason why conservatives need to focus on reforming education at all levels. It’s also a prime example of why we need to push back against the media’s unfair portrayals of our beliefs.


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