#GASen: Michelle Nunn Still Not Saying if She Would Have Voted for Obamacare

In the final debate of the race for Georgia’s Senate seat, Michelle Nunn declined to say if she would have voted for Obamacare or not. Per The Daily Caller her words were:


Asked if she would have voted in favor of President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, Nunn did not give a direct answer.

“I have said many times that I wasn’t there, and I do with that has been more bi-partisanship,” Nunn said. “And I think it’s emblematic of what’s broken in Washington. We have people like David [Perdue] who think that compromise means coming to them and not actually working together to get something done.”

She went on to praise aspects of the ACA and again accuse her opponent of fostering gridlock.

And today, the day before election day, she dodged the question yet again. Thanks to Rising Response, we have video footage of the interview, which was given to a local reporter during a campaign stop in Macon, Georgia:

After the initial dodge, the reporter again tried to press for an definite answer “knowing what you know”. Nunn  again refused to given a direct response, choosing instead to focus on looking forward. As The Weekly Standard describes it:


“I think we are all looking forward,” Nunn responded. “What I’ve said over and over again is that we need to look forward, and I don’t think we want to rehash battles from the last six years into the next two years.” Nunn added that she wants the country to be “pragmatic” on health care.

With election day tomorrow, does Georgia really want to elect a woman who won’t definitively say how should would have voted on the most divisive domestic political issue of the last six years? Republican David Perdue knows the truth about the ACA. As he said earlier this year, “Obamacare is a disaster, and it’s only getting worse.” He knows what’s right for Georgia, so let’s send him to Washington.


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