KS-Sen: Greg Orman holds Fundraiser at Home of Liberal MA Democrat

My fellow Front Pager Leon has already written a great post on why Greg Orman is a Democrat in everything but name, but the problems surrounding Greg Orman don’t stop there. The Washington Examiner reports that he held a fundraiser at the home of Liberal Massachusetts Democrat Chester Atkins, who represented the state’s 5th district in Congress from 1985-1993. Per the Examiner‘s article:


Former Democratic Rep. Chester Atkins and his wife, terrorism expert Jessica Stern, are hosting the Oct. 22 “Boston Dinner Benefit” at their Cambridge, Mass., home.

The invitation reads:

“You have likely been following Greg Orman’s high profile, headline-making campaign to replace [mc_name name=’Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000307′ ] in Kansas. In the event you have not already seen the below article about the most recent poll, unveiled on Meet the Press, it shows Greg 10 points ahead of Pat Roberts.

“We would love to have you meet and support Greg in person at a dinner being hosted on Wed., Oct. 22, at the home of Chet Atkins and Jessica Stern in Cambridge, MA. We are attaching this invitation, in addition to Greg’s campaign prospectus, in hopes that you will strongly consider this opportunity.”

There is a $2,600 cap on contributions, the invitation added.

A co-host, Bob Glovsky, was appointed by President Obama earlier this year to the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans.

But the story doesn’t end there. Atkins’s career in the House did not end on a positive note. He was tied to the House Banking Scandal that helped pave the way for the Republicans to takeover in the 1994 election. He wrote 126 bad checks, and his issues were so problematic that he was defeated in the primary by eventual general election winner Marty Meehan.


And this is the type of person with whom Greg Orman, the “Independent” candidate from Kansas, wishes to associate himself. Orman purports to be part of the solution to Washington’s problem, yet he holds a fundraiser at the home of someone who was a well-known part of one of the biggest House scandals in decades. Even if Atkins had a clean record, though, Kansas voters have to ask themselves if a candidate who depends on donors in Massachusetts really shares their values.


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