UPDATE: It's Over. "No" Wins; Open Thread: Scottish Independence Referendum Results

The polls have closed in Scotland, and the results will soon be coming in. The time of reckoning for the United Kingdom is upon us, and a 307 year old union is at risk of breaking up.


The BBC is tracking the results of the referendum on their website. The Guardian will be liveblogging the results throughout the evening. The Daily Mail has an amazing heatmap tracking social media interest in the referendum. From America, I believe the guys at Ace of Spades HQ will be covering it on their site.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are still undecided about which side to support, the Huffington Post UK has a handy flowchart to help you figure out your position (click to embiggen):

Scotland Referendum Flowchart


Use this thread to discuss the results as they come in and prognosticate, if you feel so inclined. I’m with the Mail, I think “No” will win the vote, but only barely so. I won’t be tracking everything, but I will note major stuff, as I am able.

UPDATE 12:49am EST: As you can see from the title, the BBC is forecasting that Scotland will remain a part of the United Kingdom. The final vote, they believe, will be “No” winning by about 55%-45%. As of right now 54.3% yes to 45.7% No. This was a lot less of a contest than many predicted. I am somewhat surprised, to be honest. “No” has maintained a lead for almost all of the night. Here is the Telegraph‘s celebratory front page tomorrow.


UPDATE 1:11am EST: With Edinburgh’s votes coming in, “No” now has enough votes to be victorious, per the AP. People are crediting former (Labour) Prime Minister Gordon Brown as being the one to push “No” over the line. He gave a very inspiring speech yesterday. Check it out here.


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