Many Insurance Providers are Paying for Abortions under Obamacare

One of the biggest obstacles to the passage of Obamacare was the question of whether it would officially fund abortion. This issue was only resolved, in a manner of speaking, when President Obama signed an executive order barring federal funds from being used to fund abortion, but many of us on the Right knew this would not be the end of it. After all, Barack Obama is the most radically pro-abortion President in our nation’s history. Now we find our suspicions confirmed. A Government Accountability Office report confirms that employers are ignoring Obamacare’s rules concerning abortion and funding it anyways. Per Fox News:

In its report, the GAO found that 23 states restrict how insurance plans offered in the ObamaCare exchanges may include abortion as a benefit, and 28 do not. The GAO then surveyed 18 insurance providers within the 28 states that do not restrict abortion coverage to determine how the coverage is being handled.

According to the GAO, 17 of the 18 providers surveyed said they were not billing policyholders separately for the abortion coverage.

 “(The insurance providers) did not itemize the premium amount associated with non-excepted abortion services coverage on enrollees’ bills nor indicate that they send a separate bill for that premium amount,” the report said.

The remaining insurance provider told the GAO that their policyholders receive a separate charge on their bills “for coverage of services for which member subsidies may not be used.”

In response to the report, the Department of Health and Human Services said states and state insurance commissioners are primarily tasked with insuring provisions such as these are enforced, but that the agency will “address issues of concern in the appropriate matter.”

Politico has posted the entire report.

If history is any judge, these insurance providers will receive a slap on the wrist, at worst, from the government. The most radically pro-abortion administration in our nation’s history cannot be trusted to do too much to punish the companies that have ignored the law.

For as long as governments have existed, the art of politics has consisted of, in part, finding the least evil ways to do things–and to do so in the most morally acceptable way. There will be violations of conscience, but they will only be in rare circumstances where it was largely unavoidable. We are increasingly coming to a point where violations of our conscience are both gross and unavoidable, and we as a nation have enabled this state of affairs. In this particular instance, we have a government that will only put up a token resistance, at best, to sending more unborn children off to be slaughtered.

Outrage is overused as a word and concept in our society, but there is little more deserving of outrage than this.

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