#GAGov: Jason Carter Doesn't Want to Talk about Gay Marriage

Carter is, of course, the grandson of Jimmy Carter, who was until recently the worst President since WWII. Anyways, he’s running against incumbent Republican Nathan Deal this November, and he apparently really doesn’t want to talk about how he feels about gay marriage. Jim Galloway’s Political Insider blog at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution tells us that he recently spoke at a LGBT fundraiser in Atlanta last Thursday organized by a local activist. While he did mention his opposition to the religious freedom bills that have surfaced in a few states, it was important to note what he didn’t say. A Project Q* article quoted by Galloway notes:

Carter did mention the “religious freedom” bills that anti-gay lawmakers proposed during the last legislative session, Griffin says, pointing to their defeat as a hopeful sign that the state’s political environment is slowly shifting away from its anti-gay hostilities….

But Carter didn’t address gay marriage or other LGBT issues at Thursday’s event, even though the state is being sued in federal court over its same-sex marriage ban. In a March interview with Huffington Post, Carter deflected a question about gay issues.

Basically, Carter is fine with taking gays’ cash, but he’s not too willing to talk about specific policies. Perhaps it’s because he knows that if he did come out in favor of gay marriage, there’s a good chance it would do significant harm to his electoral prospects. However, since he is a Democrat, in absence of an outright denial that he supports gay marriage (and even that might not be enough), it is entirely reasonable to presume he supports gay marriage, but of course, he’ll do what he can to cover that up.
*=No, I’m not linking directly to Project Q. If you want to read their article, you can click the link at the AJC.


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