Jonathan Gruber and Obamacare: The Tale of the Tapes

Here at RedState, we’ve already spilled a lot of digital ink on Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber’s supposed “speak-o” that government subsidies for Obamacare wouldn’t be available in states that didn’t set up their own exchanges. Now, American Commitment has a new video out showing us in a way that should be beyond a doubt that Jonathan Gruber’s assertion was no mere misspeak. He made the statement numerous times to several difference audiences. Check it out:


To further the case against Gruber, as Greg Sargent has shown us, the language to permit subsidies for those on the federal exchange was in the first draft of the bill, but Congress took it out because they didn’t want it to be there in the final copy. Any reasonable person would assume, based on this, that it was not Congress’ intent for people on the federal exchanges to be eligible for subsidies. This isn’t because of a typo in the bill. It was deliberate on the part of Congress.

While this should confirm that Jonathan Gruber’s attempt to cover his tracks is a lie, one has to wonder if the media will do their job and hold him accountable. Don’t hold your breath.


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