Iranian General Wants to Annihilate Israel as Obama Works on Nuclear Deal

Overlooked in the mainstream media reports on the current Israeli war on Hamas is a statement by high ranking Iranian General Hossein Salami* that makes plain how his nation views this conflict. As the Daily Caller notes:


“You [people of Israel] are trees without any roots which were planted in the Islamic lands by the British,” Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami said at this week’s Friday prayer sermon in Tehran, Fars News Agency reported. That statement referred to the Balfour Declaration, which led to the dismantling of the Ottoman Empire after World War I and the eventual creation of the state Israel in 1948.

“We will chase you house to house and will take revenge for every drop of blood of our martyrs in Palestine,” Salami said. “and this is the beginning point of Islamic nations awakening for your defeat.”

It’s not terribly noteworthy that Iran opposes both Israel’s current actions and the nation’s very existence. What is worthy of note is that an Iranian general is making this sort of statement as Obama is doing all he can to cater to the country’s demands. Salami didn’t conclude his remarks there, though. He went on to wish for America’s destruction (along with Israel), saying:

“We are confident that Allah’s promises will come true and in the end the Islamic world will be the graveyard of America and the Zionist regime’s policies along with their allies in the region.”

But enough about Hossein Salami. Let’s recount the ways Obama has been caving to Iran of late. Recently, the United States, through its involvement in the P5+1 group, agreed to a 4 month extension of negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. Meanwhile, the Obama administration has agreed to give Iran another $2.8 billion in unfrozen oil assets while conceding to Iran the ability to enrich uranium. The latter has come despite opposition from a broad, bipartisan majority of Congress to Obama circumventing them yet again on a foreign policy issue.


Match this with the President’s timid statement on the deaths of the three Israeli teens (one of whom was an American citizen), the ways he continues to find to lose Israel’s trust, and the hapless efforts of his Secretary of State John Kerry–a former Democratic Presidential nominee, no less–to broker a ceasefire, we have to wonder just who he supports more, Israel or Iran? Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting on any of this?

*Lest we forget, this is not the first time Gen. Salami has made these kinds of statements. The ADL has an entire topic dedicated to the stuff he’s said, and Iran Watch has his biography here.


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