Employees Behind Failed Cover Oregon Website Getting Nice Bonuses

My fellow Contributor Moe Lane has spent a lot of time covering the absolute fiasco that is Oregon’s Obamacare Exchange. Here’s one more story for the long list of problems: in yet another case of “so tone deaf it has to involve government”, the employees responsible for the Cover Oregon website, unarguably the worst among all state exchanges and so bad that the state has given up on fixing it, are receiving bonuses for their hard work. The Daily Caller reports,


Thirty-eight employees will be awarded bonuses worth one to three months pay to convince them to stay on with the exchange through the next nine months. All remaining 163 employees will be eligible for a bonus worth two weeks of government pay if they remain at the exchange through March 15.

In the months since Oregon officials announced they would be shutting down the exchange and allowing the federal government to take over and run a marketplace through HealthCare.gov, Cover Oregon lost 30 percent of its employees. Hamstreet expects the bonuses to cost another $650,000 of federal taxpayer funding.

Ultimately, $650,000 is a tiny sum from Cover Oregon and the state’s budget, but it’s the principle of rewarding employees for work so shoddy it could only come from a government bureaucracy that’s so appalling. Unsurprisingly, this is a state where every single office of any consequence is held by a Democrat. Oregonians can voice their displeasure by calling their legislators, their governor, and I suppose their federal Senators and Representatives. We can all help out by contributing to Republicans running in Oregon, headlined by gubernatorial candidate Dennis Richardson and U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Monica Wehby, who, as a pediatrician, ought to know a thing or two about healthcare. They need your help.



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