The (Belated) William F. Buckley Memorial Open Thread

Six years ago yesterday, the modern Conservative Movement lost one of its founders, William F. Buckley. In memory of his passing, here are some clips from his famous show Firing Line that seem especially relevant to our time. Perhaps we can learn a few things from them.


First is a clip from his 1966 interview with Senator Barry Goldwater on the future of conservatism:

Next up, a clip from a 1967 interview of Ronald Reagan while he was Governor of California where Reagan discusses on how to be a good governor:

And finally, here is a clip of his 1977 interview of Margaret Thatcher, where the subject was what we could learn from the failure of (British) socialism:

You can find full episodes of Firing Line for download on Amazon.

Use this thread as an open thread and a place to discuss any memories you might have of the late, great William F. Buckley.


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