SC-01 Special Election Results Thread; UPDATE: Sanford Wins

UPDATE: As we all thought, I’m sure, the district has been called for Mark Sanford. Congratulations, governor!

[UPDATE- Moe Lane] Now that the election is over, it is of course necessary to commemorate the way that the DCCC and Democrats have spent their resources here – to the best benefit of the Republican party. Two million all told, was it? Well, I guess that kind of money is worth the song.



Now that it’s after 7pm, the polls have closed in South Carolina for the First Congressional District’s special election to replace the seat vacated by Tim Scott when he ascended to the Senate. It’s expected to be relatively close for what should normally be a safely red district, but we can expect Mark Sanford to beat Elizabeth Colbert Busch tonight. I’m saying Sanford wins by about 6%. And yes, Sanford obviously has plenty of baggage leftover from his time “hiking the Appalachian Trail”, but he’ll do a much better job representing the people of SC-01 than Colbert Busch would.

You can follow the results as they come in at the South Carolina State Election Commission website. Also, you can read check out this great piece at NRO on the election, if you have time. We should know who the winner is within a couple of hours.

Use this thread to discuss the results.


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