Candy Crowley Admits Romney was Right on Libya

One of the most talked about moments in tonight’s debate was when Candy Crowley “fact checked” Mitt Romney on Libya. Make no mistake, this was an attempt to cover for President Obama, who has been bleeding on the issue all week.


However, when confronted about it after the debate, she started to backtrack.

Of course, I’m with RedState founder Joshua Treviño:

PROTIP: Correct yourself onscreen, Candy. You know, where it matters.

If she’d really cared about this–and it sounds like she knew about this as she was saying it during the debate–she would have corrected herself during the debate, when the people were still watching.

EDIT: (via @seanmdav) Back on September 28th, Crowley was saying that the Obama administration needed to explain why they didn’t call what happened in Libya a terrorist attack. The CNN transcript tells all:

The question I think too is what you asked and Peter King wouldn’t play, but the idea is why would you be so adamant? When most people look and said, well of course it’s a terrorist attack. I mean, they had you know large weaponry. It’s not something you bring to a protest. And now we’re finding out there might not even have been a protest at the time this attack took place. So I think there are lots of questions to be answered here that the administration is going to have to talk about.


I’m betting the media’s not going to call her on this, and they’ll let her admission that Romney was essentially right about Libya slide as well. We have to make sure this kind of information gets out there.



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