Harry Reid's Pants Are on Fire

Doubtless you have all heard of Senator Reid’s comments on July 31st that he’s heard from a Bain investor that Romney hadn’t paid any taxes for 10 years. Then, on August 2nd, he doubled down, even in absence of any actual evidence, and he repeated those allegations on the Senate floor. On August 3rd, he tripled down. I think the title from the HotAir post says it all: “My source on Romney’s taxes is so incredibly credible that I won’t say who he is,”…Rrright.


Politifact has finally weighed in on the subject, and it’s not good for Reid:

Reid has said Romney paid no taxes for 10 years. It was no slip of the tongue. He repeated the claim on at least two more occasions, at one point saying that “the word is out” when in fact it was only Reid who put that “word” out.

Reid has produced no evidence to back up his claim other than attribution to a shadowy anonymous source. Romney has denied the claim, and tax experts back him up, saying that the nature of Romney’s investments in Bain make it highly unlikely he would have been able to avoid paying taxes altogether — especially for 10 years.

Reid has made an extreme claim with nothing solid to back it up. Pants on Fire!

I suppose this is one of those occasions where a lie is so absurd that they have to come out against it. Even the White House, which has been trying to ply the tax returns issue for the past few weeks, has decided Reid’s forgotten the first rule of holes.*


Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Reid from quadrupling down.

*=Stop digging!

P.S. Word has it that Harry Reid is a pederast.



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