Biden Is Right. This Is the Greatest Test of Our Democracy Since the Civil War

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On July 13, while at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, President Biden declared, “We’re facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. That’s not hyperbole. Since the Civil War.”


Without a doubt, President Biden is correct. America is facing unparalleled threats to our freedom and democracy.

However, those threats are due to leftist policies, not election integrity laws.

Over the past few years, radical leftist policies that were deemed un-American not that long ago have entered the mainstream political discourse. Even worse, several of these policies are being put into action.


Critical race theory, the antithesis of Martin Luther King’s dream for a colorblind society, has invaded the nation’s public schools, with strong backing from many Democratic politicians as well as influential organizations, such as the big teacher unions.

The federal government, with overwhelming backing from the Democratic Party, is on a mission to federalize the nation’s elections via the ill-named For the People Act (HR1). This is a direct attack upon America’s Constitution and system of state and local-run elections.

Many leftist politicians and powerful organizations have set their sights on gun control. They could not care less about the Second Amendment.

At the same time, many of these same people support the ludicrous “defund the police” movement. They are also implementing policies such as “bail reform” that makes it nearly impossible to keep violent, dangerous criminals where they belong: off the streets and behind bars.

And, while these out-of-touch politicians intentionally make it less safe for us to walk the streets at night, they are constantly on their high horse all but forcing Americans to take an experimental vaccine that is under emergency use authorization. Just this week, the Biden administration announced it would begin a door-to-door campaign to verify Americans’ vaccine status.


This comes as the federal government has also ratcheted up its domestic surveillance program against any and all Americans who send text messages that criticize, let alone question, the veracity of the vaccine.

In fact, the left’s entire response to the pandemic has been a lesson in government overreach. From school shutdowns to mandatory business closures, many on the left have used the pandemic as an opportunity to wield more power over things they have absolutely no business in.

As if these threats to personal liberty were not enough, how about the dire economic threat posed by the left’s embrace of modern monetary theory? The Biden administration is proposing a $6 trillion budget blowout that would increase the size and scope of the federal government to levels never seen in U.S. history. Inflation is rising. Unemployment is rampant. And more Americans than ever before are now receiving some type of government benefit.

The left has also abandoned any pretenses of blind justice. Their embrace of activist judges, who seek to rewrite, as opposed to upholding, the Constitution is an affront to liberty. They are even pushing for packing the Supreme Court, something not tried since President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s notorious (and failed) court-packing scheme nearly a century ago.

Many on the left, politicians and activists, have even gone so far as to call the American flag a racist symbol. Many of these same people also demand reparations, a blatantly unconstitutional and un-American idea.


By no means is this list a full stock of the anti-democratic and anti-American policies many on the left are pushing these days. It is simply meant to highlight some of their most outrageous policy ploys.

The common denominator among these policies is simple: they are all offshoots of Marxism.

Yes, the modern left is becoming more and more Marxist before our very eyes. Their policies, rhetoric, and actions come from a Marxist vein.

The greatest threat to our democracy is not a bill that requires voters present a form of ID. It comes from the fact that one of our two major political parties, and their allies in the media, have embraced Marxism.

Chris Talgo ([email protected]) is senior editor at The Heartland Institute.


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