The Migrant Caravan in Mexico Isn't As Terrifying As It Seems

It’s been called a protest, a march, a migration, a religious ceremony and a caravan. The Stations of the Cross event is something that has been held for ten years in Mexico and has more to do with Holy Week and migrant workers’ need to move than it does with America’s immigration policy.


This annual event sparked a knee-jerk reaction from President Trump on Easter morning. Being a religious event it would have had the highest volume on Easter Sunday as it is the holiest day in Christianity. Whoever pointed this event out to the President failed to give him any context whatsoever.

This is after the “caravan” had already stalled in Mexico. The Houston Chronicle reported

“On Monday, Mexican immigration officials began taking the names of people interested in filing for asylum, or temporary transit or humanitarian visas in Mexico.
But [Irineo] Mujica [Director of the Event]said he didn’t know “if that was just to calm down Donald Trump’s tweets, or calm down Donald Trump.” He said the group was waiting for the migration officers to return.”


President Trump looks to have gotten some, at least symbolic, results with his social media tirades, but that’s not enough —no— he has to show how serious he is by sending the military to the border. What threat justifies such a move? According to ABC, “About 150 men already did break off from the march Sunday, hopping a freight train north, probably with hopes of trying to enter the U.S.”

150 guys who may or may not be on a train headed to the United States border has people kinda startled, including the President whose job is to calm the flock not spook it.

Should America be serious about protecting its border? Absolutely. Should America throw a conniption fit every time the President goes off half-cocked? Probably not. And while we’re on the subject it would be nice if the President could stop going off half-cocked himself. It’s making things harder for the people who work for him.


This narrative bizarrely feeds both partisan echo chambers. Perhaps not by design, but it doesn’t look like it’s by accident either. If you don’t support the President “you love open borders” and if you support the President “you’re in favor of authoritarian policies that resemble those of the national-socialist.” It’s all very exhausting.


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