Haley Vetos United Nations Resolution Over America's Embassy in Jerusalem

The world has its panties in a wad over where the United States chooses to put its embassy in Israel. It has traditionally been in Tel Aviv but recently the White House announced it would move its primary diplomatic instillations and recognize Israel’s capital as the ancient holy city of Jerusalem.


The world body was so bothered by the move they called a meeting at the United Nations Security Council to insist the United States reverse its decision, but “insisting” is about all that they could do.

America’s ambassador to the UN used the power only her and 4 other ambassadors possess, her veto.  This is something that should be familiar to the breathless masses foaming at the social media mouth as it was used by Russia, who also has veto power, multiple times to prop up Syrian president Bashar Al Assad, who systematically committed genocide against his own people for daring to oppose his dictatorial authoritarism, at first by protest and then later by armed struggle.


For eight years, former President Barack Obama pounded his podium demanding Russia cooperate to end the war in Syria and every time Russia would laugh and say “make us” in diplomatic terms. The UN would call for a ceasefire and the next day Russia would bomb civilians in Aleppo or some other god forsaken corner of what used to be called Syria. When chemical weapons killed 1400 people in Ghouta in 2013, Russia assured the UN they would remove the chemical weapons. Assad has gone on to use chemical weapons in Syria 3 more times — and counting.

So, now the issue that is most pressing to the United Nation Security Council isn’t the horrors of Yemen and the Iranian presence that drives it but paper work and buildings in Israel. This is why the United Nations is completely feckless and a useless joke at best and an accomplice to destablizing a region at worst. The global body seated in New York, New York, USA doesn’t govern a damn thing — it is a mere theater for “diplomacy” to be played out upon.

What the Jerusalem decision boils down to is messaging. The message is a response to the laughing and taunting coming out of Tehran and Moscow over their fortune paid for in Syrian blood and the message from the United States is simple  — Make Us.


Not so funny anymore is it?

They, the UN, Russia, Iran, France, China, Britain, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Bolivia, or any other country in the world, can’t force the United States to do anything. Some facts feel more belligerent than others but it doesn’t make them any less true.  Regional powers can’t force Israel out of the region and world powers can’t force the United States to do anything she does not want to do. The choice by the United States to recognize and work with the Palestinian Authority towards a peace process was just that — a choice.

Now the world has a choice to make: are they really going to push the issue of Jerusalem to the point of conflict that leads to a whirlwind of war and cataclysm or will they just let the United States recognize whatever it damn well pleases? The odds are on the latter.


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