Nikki Haley Plans To Lay Out A Case Against Iran's Activity In Yemen

The Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley held a press conference on Thursday in cooperation with the Department of Defense in front of a giant recovered missile and it was certainly newsworthy but nothing new was revealed. That is to say, the world is well aware that Iran is sending weapons to yet another civil war in the Middle East this time in Yemen where the Houthi Shiites fight a Saudi-backed coalition. She said in the spirit of transparency and international cooperation the Department of Defense would declassify things that would be concrete evidence against Iranian aggression.


“The missiles intended target? Was a civilian airport in Riyadh through which tens of thousands of passengers travel each day. I repeat this was used to attack an international civilian airport in a G20 country. Just imagine if this missile had been launched at Dulles Airport or JFK or the airports in Paris or London or Berlin. That’s what we’re asking about here” she stated in her familiar and calm southern drawl.

Haley also said she would urge congress to examine this issue and the Iran Deal. Given the recent rash of resignations and culture warring that seems like a tall order for our legislative branch to fill, but fill it they must. The ambassador addressed the media obsession at the press conference when she instructed reporters to only ask questions pertaining to foreign policy — something that will no doubt be brought at a later date as proof she is dodging the baggage the Trump administration is piling up as deflection by the now infamous “Iran Deal Echo Chamber”, but she is right to keep the over-indulged American media on topic as it is a deadly serious one. One Europe is well aware of and had issued it’s own report on in March of 2017.

“It is hard to find a conflict or a terrorist group in the Middle East that doesn’t have Iran’s finger prints all over it.” Haley told the group of reporters. This is an undisputed fact. The theocratic regime in Tehran are a mix of thugs and academics hellbent on making Israel non-existent and reforming a religion of 1.4 billion people in its own image. “They fail to grasp the permanence of the State of Israel” the director of the Committee for Israel, Noah Pollak said recently when was a guest on the Office of International Affairs (video on YouTube ; audio on iTunes ; audio on Google Play).


Like clockwork, the Echo Chamber chimed in on social media.

That is the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif comparing the evidence behind Haley to the case laid out against Saddam in 2003. Imagine the arrogance it would take to use that deflection knowing Europe had already issued a very similar report. Europe!, the enlightened part of the western world who has bent over backwards to appease Iran, stated the same case 9 months ago. But all Zarif did is prove Haley right when she said Iran thinks that it has a special pass to engage in their behavior. (Yes, they think that because the previous president allowed it.) They can justify any means for their endgame which is complete control of the region.

This is not a game and Amb. Haley is not “trolling” the Iranians. The Russian regional ascension is a clear sign they intend to retrofit their Soviet power structure to be more aggressive on the global stage and their biggest client is Iran. The time for the media to get their bearings about them and ignore the profit driven format centered around the Great Culture War is now.



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