Barton Will Not Seek Reelection

Texas Congressman Joe Barton announced in an interview with the Dallas Morning Star. The Dallas paper reported:


His 12-year-old son Jack asked him not to run, he told The News. When he asked why, Jack told him: “Well you’ve done a lot of good. You have a good record, and you don’t need to keeping running to prove that,”



Barton’s words seem sincere and are commendable. He isn’t accused of abusing his power or secretly sticking the cost of keeping a scandal from becoming public on the backs of taxpayers, like John Conyers and other lawmakers. All the women involved with the story were well beyond an age of consent. 


Barton has been swept up in America’s Great Reckoning. A different kind of sexual revolution that has been aided by technology. Barton’s announcement comes on the same day Russell Simmons announced he was stepping down from all of his organizations after accusations that he had behaved inappropriately with women.


It will be interesting to compare the media coverage of the two announcements. Simmons is easily as every bit as powerful and culturally influential as Harvey Weinstein who seem to be the place people point to as the beginning of this broad cultural shift. Redstate will continue update on the carnage of careers that has blindsided America


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