John Kasich Denounces Own SuperPAC Anti-Cruz Ad

Whoops! A pro-Kasich SuperPAC (view expenditure list), New Day For America, recently put out an ad depicting Ted Cruz using Donald Trump’s lame, tiresome insult, “Lyin’ Ted.” The ad depicts Ted Cruz with the Pinnochio nose trope, which for all intents and purposes is backfiring if recent poll lead increases for Cruz are of any gage.


But now John Kasich himself is coming out against the ad. He has publicly denounced the ad, saying he is not happy with using personal attacks, particularly with the phrase “Lyin’ Ted.”

From the New York Times article:

Gov. John Kasich is no fan of Senator Ted Cruz, but he does not want his allies borrowing one of Donald J. Trump’s go-to insults.

Mr. Kasich on Friday called on a “super PAC” supporting him to take down an advertisement describing Mr. Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted,” a nickname for the Texas senator favored by Mr. Trump.

On the campaign trail, Mr. Kasich boasts about how he avoids personal attacks. Speaking to reporters in Pennsylvania on Friday, he said he had expressed his displeasure with how Mr. Cruz was described in the ad. (Top Kasich aides used the same nickname, “Lyin’ Ted,” in Twitter posts this week, which Mr. Kasich also found objectionable.)

“I would hope that they will not use that word and they’ll take it down,” Mr. Kasich said of the commercial.

Sorry, Johnny. Looks like the New Day For America PAC has far less to do with Kasich’s success than it does for the Quixotic Dream of parachuting Super-RINO into the mix. So the net result of the Kasich ad may actually accomplish three things:

  1. Anger Cruz voters
  2. Embarass Kasich voters who feel they are better than Trump
  3. Further disassociate the Establishment GOP from relevancy

In any case, Kasich has critized an earlier New Day ad against Rubio, resulting in its retraction,* prior to the Iowa Caucuses, so there is no love lost between Kasich and his Super PAC’s. All good news for Ted Cruz.

*Note if Ted Cruz had complained about one of his SuperPAC’s ads in this manner, with the result of the PAC pulling the ad, he would have been subject to some serious charges by the Trumpsters and Mainstream Media, but I digress.


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