Dems Sacrifice Northham as Racist to Avoid Infanticide Discussion

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Curious about the timing of the controversial blackface/KKK picture that’s engulfed Virginia Democrat Governor Northam in controversy?


You can see the play-by-play in jaw-dropping posts by Streiff and Jennifer Van Laar. The twists and turns boggle the mind.

But I wanted to focus on what we’re not talking about anymore…

Press pause on the spin cycle of controversy surrounding Northam for a moment.

If you’re not from Virginia, you probably first heard about Northam over his support for infanticide. For a damning expose of this checkout Matthew Clark’s piece here.

The sheer evil of infanticide drew a flood of substantive condemnation – and not just from pro-life groups.

Then all of a sudden the old picture surfaces allegedly featuring Northam in blackface or a white hood, and presto, the outrage mob took over the news cycle.

He’s being attacked from all sides as a racist.  Those on the right recognize this pattern of attack.  The targets typically fall on the political right, whether the Covington kids or Kavanaugh, we’ve seen this before. And we also know that smearing someone as guilty by accusation is a dangerous pattern – and perhaps we can be forgiven for relishing the schadenfreude when someone of the left is the victim for once.

It’s no surprise that CNN attempted to falsely identify Northham as a Republican. While it appeared the Virginia Democrat governor might skate beyond this initially as the left circles the wagons to defend their own – but this time is different.


Democrats like House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi are calling for him to resign.

Maybe this is why…

Even though he’s a Democrat, he’s a white male.  And in their virtue signaling rulebook, calling for his resignation absolves the left of his sins. He’s got two strikes against him because of his race and gender, so for the good of the agenda, he’s decreed a racist and taken out.

Why are they willing to sacrifice him?

Perhaps the answer can be found in this question…

What are we not talking about anymore?

That Northam supports the latest infanticide initiative that the Democrats promoted and it didn’t go well.

That’s a conversation they really don’t want to have.

Northam’s fate may be sealed by the time you read this.  But whether he resigns or if he bitterly clings to his office – let’s not fall for this distraction.

Whether he did or did not pose for a blackface/KKK picture back in the 80’s won’t harm anyone today.

But his support for murdering babies is the view that should end his career. It is a clear and present danger to the unborn. And it’s a bold expansion of the Overton Window that we must not accept.

The moral argument against abortion has been made for decades.  And the left shied away from late-term abortion for that reason. There simply is no constituency for intentionally killing babies as they are being delivered. Now that the pro-abortionists have ‘gone there’, they fear the backlash could jeopardize their agenda.


They’ve worked so hard since Roe v Wade to normalize this barbaric practice.

I’ve read many polls showing that a majority of Americans support at least some restrictions on abortion.  For many, those restrictions become obvious after 22 weeks when more babies become viable outside the womb.

Northam’s support for infanticide risks nullifying their narrative that murdering a human baby is a women’s health care right because a 9-month-old healthy baby in the womb can’t be called a clump of cells.

From a purely strategic perspective, this incident with Northam is a disaster for Democrats because it exposes the deeper moral issues involved.

It’s long past time we had a conversation about the Democrat party’s support for killing innocent human beings in the womb.

They don’t want to talk about that.  Therefore we must.

Don’t let them change the subject.



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