Couldn't have happened to a more PC company...

FireFox at one point was the sole real answer to Internet Explorer.  Microsoft had crushed Netscape, through whatever means, and there existed really no viable opportunities.  FireFox came along, innovated and grew rapidly.  At one point, its market share was 25.1%.


On April 3, 2014, the CEO of FireFox stepped down over his contribution to California Proposition 8 which sought successfully (until overturned by judicial fiat) to establish marriage as between a man and a woman.  That controversy is covered in depth on our site both here and here.  The fascist, left-wing viewpoint on the issue is covered here.

Since that time, the brakes on the downhill skid of FireFox into corporate oblivion have been completely removed.  Computer World wrote an excellent article on March 5th of this year covering the rapid decline.  In that article’s comments section, notice that two of the three comments directly reference the Eich controversy.  I myself unloaded FireFox in the aftermath and have since adopted Chrome as my primary browser.

Now, in June, a prominent site for learning about HTML and CSS which reports its own users’ statistics indicates that Firefox usage keeps falling even more rapidly.  At present rates, it has about 24-36 months of useful life left.  Then it will become a niche player or not exist at all.


There were many other companies that had employees and executives who contributed to Proposition 8.  Yet they were not made to pay with the loss of their CEO.  This witch-hunt took on an easy target.  And even took on the target on the winning side of the debate and made it seem as though it were a punishable offense.

I don’t care much for the hypocritical usage of the term “hate” by the fascist bloodhounds who hunt down heretics.  The outcome for FireFox is both welcomed and earned.  Good riddance.


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