After meltdown on Fox News, Kurt Eichenwald goes on Twitter rant and claims to suffer seizure

Kurt Eichenwald has not had a good evening. Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the Newsweek writer suffered a total meltdown, displaying a silly prop and refusing to answer a simple question. You can watch the interview HERE.


Following the interview, Eichenwald engaged in an angry tweet-storm. Some of the tweets are still up on his account, while others have been deleted. They can be seen below, courtesy of John Rust:

But one particular tweet drew a lot of interest, and as of this writing it is still online. In response to an account that posted a flashing meme, Eichenwald’s account responded with the following:

This tweet raises some questions. First, if Eichenwald really suffered a seizure, then why is his wife tweeting? Second, is assault-by-meme actually a crime?

Is it possible that Eichenwald wrote the tweet himself and faked the incident? Yes. And if that is the case, one could factually say that he is a purveyor of “fake news”…

One has to wonder if the man will still be employed next week. Best of luck, Kurt! I hear David Brock has a new project in the works.



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