A Return of Sanity? Three More California Cities THIS WEEK Alone Have Rejected 'Sanctuary' Status

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The Orange County board of supervisors gather during a meeting in Santa Ana, Calif. on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. The backlash to the state’s effort to shield illegal immigrants from deportation under the Trump administration comes a week after a small city voted to seek to exempt itself from the law. (AP Photo/Amy Taxin)


The “Sanctuary State” of California isn’t as committed at the city level as Gov. Moonbeam might hope. Individual cities aren’t that hot on the ridiculous policy of defying the Federal gov’t and abandoning American sovereignty.

In March, it was Los Alamitos that voted to resist the insanity. Now it’s three more: Newport Beach, Westminster, and Orange City.

They join what is now a true trend in Central California, joining Aliso Viejo, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Mission Viejo, Barstow, Escondido, San Juan Capistrano, Yorba Linda, Hesperia, and above-mentioned Los Alamitos in opposition to the state’s Sanctuary policy or in support of President Trump’s lawsuit against it.

Here’s more from Fox News Insider:

“It’s a tool in the toolbox for our police to help keep criminals off the street,” Newport Beach Councilman Scott Peotter said of the vote against the law.

He said the issue is not about opposition to immigrants – as critics allege – but about keeping “illegal alien criminals” from re-entering the community.

The sanctuary law is heavily supported by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and State Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D).

Peotter also said that Brown is sending National Guard troops to the border for reasons other than to prevent illegal immigration.

“You listen to Jerry Brown, and he’s sending [troops] there for other reasons. Not for immigration purposes,” he said. “In either event, the troops end up being at the border.”


Orange County opted out of the state’s unreasonable policy, and the reaction was exactly what you think it would be. Crazy liberals being crazy and shouting racist.

The supervisor of Orange County, California said Wednesday she was recently called a “racist b—-” amid her county’s push to opt out of the state’s sanctuary designation.

Michelle Steel, a legal immigrant from South Korea, voted in support of the move, which she says was voted in favor of unanimously.

Steel said it was the first time she was called a “racist.”

She noted English is her third language, behind Korean and Japanese.

“In Asia, when you get called all different names, you live longer. So I think I will live a long life,” she said.

“This comes down to public safety,” she said. “We want other counties to join us.”

Ironically, the state Attorney General Xavier Becerra (a Democrat) has said these county and city rejections are the real violation. “State law is state law. It’s my job to enforce state law and I will do so,” he said.

Isn’t that just hilarious? He’s saying they better line up and obey the law or face consequences. Kind of like how he’s NOT following Federal immigration law. Funny, right?


Newport Beach councilman Scott Peotter addressed this contraction.


“We want to be a law and order city and a law and order state. We want to comply with federal law and state law. They put us into a situation where we have to choose and we don’t like it,” he added.

What a ridiculous situation. That’s what happens when Demcrats like Moonbeam would rather prove how not racist they are then fulfill their obligations as elected officials and stand by their oaths and duties to their constituents and the Constitution.

Looks like a growing number of cities in California have just about had it with that.

Maybe some parts of California have a little Texas in ’em.

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