Another Awesome Tweet from Senator Ted Cruz

From the diaries

Senator Cruz is a Twitter master. I see RedState front page contributors point this out pretty often, but they missed one yesterday.

Ted’s liberal Democrat opponent in November Beto O’Rourke is what we in Texas like to call “the light work.” He doesn’t quite fit in, and beating him won’t be a problem, even acknowledging Boyd R. Burke’s analysis.


The problem with him is he’s hard left. The “no problem” in the election is that Ted won’t let that go away. Remember what I said about O’Rourke not fitting in? Well that’s in Texas. But there is a place he’d fit in great, and Senator Cruz knows where that is.


What’s great about this tweet is he could just make the point that this is a liberal Senator move, but he drives the knife in. “He’d be a lock to win” and #GodBlessTexas .. it’s perfectly crafted.

Most of Ted’s tweets are.

Maybe some folks don’t like Cruz, but I think he’s just right. Hell, there are some people you just don’t want to like you, you know?

Another win for Senator Cruz. Of course.


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