This Democrat Representative Also Needs a Cognitive Assessment ... Stat

From the diaries.

There has been a lot of talk about cognitive assessments and mental fitness for office lately, owing to the Democrats and their pet mental health “experts” trying to declare President Trump unfit for office in a predictably doomed charade. But let it not be said that NOBODY is due for a little checkup.


Enter Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D., Ill.), who needs one, or maybe just a concussion check, after this sorry display on Wednesday.

The name he was looking for Sen. Chuck Schumer. You know, the Senate minority leader? HIS leader?

If we dare dive in the “What if it was” pool, it would be deep indeed. What if McCain had forgotten a name so thoroughly? What if Trump had? What is George W. Bush had? What if Reagan had?

Democrats may never give one of their own a cognitive assessment test, but if we’re talking about a cognitive dissonance test, they are going to get the highest of marks.



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