Tim Murphy: Arlen Specter Republican

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My name is Evan Feinberg, and I am challenging Tim Murphy in the Republican primary for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.


I have real experience working in the trenches of the conservative movement. Most recently, I was Senator Rand Paul’s top aide on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, helping to craft free market reforms to Medicare and rein in excessive government spending. Before that, I worked for Senator Tom Coburn, fighting tooth and nail to defeat Obamacare with substantive, patient-centered solutions. I got my start in public policy at the Heritage Foundation, researching education policy and developing conservative initiatives to get the federal government out of our schools and to empower families.

There are a lot of reasons why Tim Murphy needs to be primaried, but it really boils down to this:  Tim Murphy is an Arlen Specter Republican.

Arlen Specter was the epitome of selfish, career politicians who make a mockery of our political institutions while turning their backs on their oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. They do not hesitate to throw taxpayer dollars at special interests that fund their campaigns. They won’t let political party get in the way of political survival.  They make promises they know they cannot keep, hoping to bribe their constituents to vote for them. In each of these ways, Tim Murphy is Specter’s political successor.

Murphy’s record is clear: he is for Big Government, Big Bailouts and Big Labor.

He’s voted for almost every bailout that came across his desk, handing out billions of taxpayer dollars to Fannie and Freddie and the auto industry. He has consistently opposed job creators and voted for anti-worker bills like card check. And during the time he has been in office, the federal government has doubled in size.  If Tim Murphy has his way, Washington will pile on trillions more to the debt, mortgaging my son’s future.


We can’t let that happen. That’s why I’m in the race.

I may be young, but I’ve done more in my career to stand up for conservative principles and fight wasteful government spending than Tim Murphy ever has or ever will. These are difficult times for our nation, and we need leadership Tim Murphy cannot provide because he is part of the problem.  The voters of Pennsylvania and American taxpayers everywhere deserve a representative who cares more about their jobs than his own.

As I take my message of limited government, pro-growth policies and honest governance to the people of Western Pennsylvania, I remind them Tim Murphy is an Arlen Specter Republican.   In April 2012, voters should deliver him Arlen Specter’s fate.

To contribute, either online or via mail, visit evanfeinberg.com/contribute/.

You can connect with the campaign at evanfeinberg.com, on Twitter: @evanfeinberg or Facebook: facebook.com/FeinbergForCongress.  


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