The American Left Hates Americans More Than They Hate ISIS

There are a number of compelling arguments to continue to allow Syrian refugees into the United States. A number of prominent evangelical leaders are making those arguments. But the American left is not. Though they favor bringing Syrian refugees into the country, they have decided that Americans are just a bunch of racists who cannot bear debate.


The President of the United States has taken the tacit of claiming it is all political. To the left, everything is political so they cannot fathom that some Americans might have looked at the events of Paris and decided we might want to be more cautious. Nope. To the political left, it is polling, politics, and racism.

Remember, this is a President of the United States who has claimed authority for actions based on polling. Willfully ignoring American opposition to Obamacare in polls, more than once the President has cited polling for other initiatives, including immigration. But on this issue of immigration of refugees, the public has decidedly turned against the President. The public, therefore, is racist.

American leftists in the press, online, and offline are railing against their fellow Americans for daring to object to the refugee plans. The public demands an aggressive response to ISIS and liberals are actually arguing that to fight ISIS would give ISIS what it wants. Therefore, we must not fight.

Prominent liberals are arguing that we should be advocating gay marriage to stop ISIS. Seriously. Others are offering up empty thoughts for Paris and putting French flags on their Facebook pages. But fighting? No, that is too awful to contemplate. We cannot do that because ISIS demands it.


The American public is fairly well united at this time. They do not want Syrian refugees and they want to unleash hell on ISIS. It is the American left, led by President Obama, opposing any action demanded by the public. They treat their fellow Americans with contempt in ways they do not treat ISIS. They say we should be more worried about Americans with guns than ISIS. They say any American who objects to bringing in Syrian refugees must be a bigot.

It would be nice if the President and the left were even half as vile to ISIS as they are to their fellow Americans. But ISIS is an abstraction to the American left. You, however, are their neighbor. So they ponder ISIS and hate you.


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