Kentucky Newspaper Cartoonist Joel Pett Thinks Governor-elect Matt Bevin's Children Look Like Terrorists

I’m sure members of the Circle of Jerks will look on this and give it a complete pass. They will not see the media bias. But even Democrats in Kentucky are expressing outrage at the Lexington Herald-Leader’s decision to run an editorial cartoon comparing Matt Bevin’s children to terrorists. The cartoonist, Joel Pett, was reacting to Matt Bevin’s call to curtail the influx of Syrian refugees. Bevin has multiple children adopted from overseas and regularly conducts Christian mission trips to Africa.


You’d think a man like that might be someone to listen to when even he expresses concerns about Syrian refugees. But instead, the newspaper cartoonist decided to use Matt Bevin’s kids as political props and compare them to terrorists.

Joel Pett’s phone number is (859) 231-3443 and you can call him to express your concerns that he’d use a politician’s children as props and compare them to terrorists.

You can also call Rufus Friday, the Publisher, at (859) 231-3248


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