ISIS Is Islamic and Bruce Jenner is a Man

“France has done more damage to ISIS in one day than Barack Obama, a man who thinks Bruce Jenner is a woman and ISIS is not Islamic, has done in months of alleged conflict.”

When ISIS tells us that they are Islamic, the American left says they are not. Though ISIS self-identifies as Islamic, the American left rejects that identification.

When Bruce Jenner says he is a woman now, the American left not only applauds him and starts referring to him as a she, but demands that everyone else do so at the risk of their livelihoods. Only a bigot would think a man with a penis is a man when he says he is a woman.

The left has an ongoing war with reality where, in their quest for utopia, they have decided to shut out truths contrary to their reality.

ISIS has certainly killed many muslims, but that makes them no less an Islamic group than the Protestants and Catholics who clashed in earlier centuries somehow made one or the other less Christian.

But the willful convenience of the left to refuse to label ISIS what it is — Islamic — causes fundamental problems with strategy. We have heard now from a President of the United States who treats ISIS as just another fringe group bitterly clinging to their guns and religion, though which religion he dares not say. To him, there is nothing that can be done. The academic elitist in Barack Obama believes ISIS is just four hundred years behind Christianity and will grow up. In the mean time, a left that thinks ISIS is not Islamic and boys can declare themselves to be girls is incapable of addressing the threat in a rational way because they fail to understand the enemy.


Take, for example, just yesterday. The left has championed the 8000+ air strikes by the Obama Administration in the past few months. But just yesterday France destroyed ISIS’s command center and training facility in Syria — something Barack Obama never did. France did that in one day.

Barack Obama did not want to even try. He’s been going at grand and elaborate theater while trying to do no harm to what he views as a backwater culture. While he may think Islam is just another crazy Middle Eastern religion like Christianity, there are fundamental differences that mean ISIS will never evolve into some peace loving religion with major branches championing gay marriage.

As Joel Miller pointed out, where Christianity is a relational religion, Islam is a religion of inherent violence. In Christianity, God is relational with relations within the trinity, with the heavenly host, and with Adam and Eve. In Islam, the eternal Allah is isolated without relations. He creates man not as adopted sons, but as objects to submit to him. God shows grace, Allah shows mercy. “Grace is what we receive that we do not deserve while mercy is what we do not get that we do deserve.” Islam means submission — the peace comes through submission. There is not a communion with God because God’s will cannot truly be known. Through jihad, which ISIS interprets as an outward struggle against God’s enemies, ISIS’s fighters try to exercise the will of God and gain favorable entrance into eternity.


In Christianity, the son of God walked among the people and died for their sins. In Islam, God has a prophet for speaks for him, but is not him. The testament of Christ lives forever. The prophet’s voice is echoed and interpreted by factions. One is God, the other is just a prophet.

If Western leaders reject the bedrock foundation of ISIS that it should be treated as Islamic in nature, they will never find the ways to defeat it. They will never have the strength to call on muslims who disagree to vocally oppose ISIS. Right now, millions of muslims cheer on ISIS in the streets of Jerusalem, Cairo, London, and Paris.

ISIS wants a war. Fools in the West say we should not fight. We should not give them what they want. ISIS will fight whether we fight or not. That President Obama has no strategy and wants to continue his lack of strategy because he just sees ISIS as a group of bitter clingers should give us no comfort.

They want to kill us. We will either be killed or kill them. Understanding why they want to kill us leads to solutions on how to defeat them. Believing that “why” is global warming or colonialism will lead us to insane solutions that are no solutions at all. Understanding that this is a violent jihad by a group of religious zealots who must be beaten into submission and shown God’s will is actually against them is the only way to defeat them.


France has done more damage to ISIS in one day than Barack Obama, a man who thinks Bruce Jenner is a woman and ISIS is not Islamic, has done in months of alleged conflict. The reality of blood on the streets of Paris gave France no option but to face reality. What will it take for Barack Obama to do the same?


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