It Took TWO MONTHS To Respond to the New York Times

Wow. Amazon needs a Prime account for its PR Team to respond to stories. On August 15, 2015, Jodi Kantor wrote this long piece on Amazon’s workplace for the New York Times. The story was damning, wide spread, and has been recirculated frequently over the past two months whenever anything Amazon related comes up.

Two months later, has finally responded. Hilariously, its response is written by former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and he refers to the New York Times’ “recent” article.

If that story was a fish, it’d be covered in maggots and smelling it is so “recent.”

Unreal that it took them two months to compile a response when a core piece of their response is that one of the most salacious details, i.e. the quote “Nearly every person I worked with, I saw cry at their desk,” was uttered by a man who resigned from after “had attempted to defraud vendors and conceal it by falsifying business records.”

It took the company two months to offer that up. But then Carney goes on to claim that this was not “an isolated mistake.” In fact, he delves into the much criticized Anytime Feedback tool by, among other things, noting it is rarely used.

Again, it too two months.

For a company known for next day delivery of virtually anything, it is ridiculous it took two months to respond to a story that damaged the company’s reputation — a story that continues to percolate.

Does Jay Carney still think he is on government time or does he only respond when the new boss, like the old boss, finaly gets around to reading something in the paper. Oh. Wait. Jeff Bezos expressed his concerns about the New York Times piece two months ago. It’s just his company took two months to debunk it.