Georgia Tech Hates Freedom. Starts Show Trial Against Fraternity.

A black female student claims members of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at Georgia Tech yelled racist insults at her from windows in the fraternity house.

There’s just a few problems with her story.

The windows she claims were used are sealed and cannot be opened. There are security cameras too that do not show young men at the windows or the young lady outside the fraternity.

In the real world, that should be compelling evidence. At Georgia Tech, it is ignored. The University has already imposed sanctions on the fraternity.

This really is par for the course for Georgia Tech. A few years ago, the University’s administration targeted the campus’s College Republicans and Christians for punishment and harassment. In fact, in a lawsuit, a federal judge found that the University largely encouraged the harassment of certain students and refused to protect those students.

Georgia Tech has a habit of absurdly leftist policies, including at one point an initiative pushed by the gay mafia called the “SAFE Space” policy. Here’s an excerpt from my forthcoming book about it related to the harrassment of the aforementioned Georgia Tech students:

This LGBT initiative was run through the Dean of Students and the Dean of Diversity’s offices. It employed a “scale of tolerance,” which rated how tolerant different religions were, with Buddhists deemed most accepting, and Southern Baptists the least. “These are taxpayer-funded administrators. It’s not their role to tell me that it’s better to be Buddhist than to be Baptist,” Ruth said. “They’re the ones that cry about separation of church and state all the time, but here you had a state school telling you what church you should go to.” The judge ripped the policy to shreds, saying the SAFE Space policy violated the Establishment of Religion clause. He added that it was “very puzzling to the court that… what they say is the promotion of tolerance actually amounts to intolerance on the part of the institute.”

This latest is just typical of Tech’s totalitarian ways.