In Barack Obama's Army . . .

As I mentioned earlier, this is all part of the plan. Barack Obama is no idiot. Idiots do not get elected President of the United States. This is all by design. This includes not really punishing Bowe Bergdahl. Remember him? He walked off his base, hung out with the Taliban, and the President traded five terrorists to get him back.

As Leon Wolf notes, Bergdahl is not going to be punished.

The U.S. military officer in charge of last month’s hearing for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has recommended he not do any jail time, Bergdahl’s legal team says.

In a memorandum dated Friday, the legal team said it agreed with Lt. Col. Mark Visger’s conclusion that their client be referred to a special court-martial and receive neither jail time nor a punitive discharge.

For perspective, we recently learned that if American soldiers take actions to stop child abuse, rape, and molestation in Afghanistan, they will be punished. What’s even worse is that turning a blind eye to what is happening is technically a war crime. But Barack Obama’s Army does not care.

Run off to cavort with the Taliban and you get no punishment. Stop Afghan men from raping small boys and get thrown out. This is the army under Barack Obama.

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