Barack Obama is Vladimir Putin's Submissive Gimp

“Today we are seeing what leading from behind really means.”

A story came out the other day that some beta males are now lecturing around the country that if you look too masculine it is unhealthy and potentially sexist. These guys who squat to pee really do not appreciate it when men behave like men and look like men.


These are also Obama voters who have decided they like Barack Obama playing the role of submissive gimp to Vladimir Putin who has basically ball gagged our foreign policy in the Middle East. For those of you who have seen Pulp Fiction, you know. The rest of you . . . well, you are better off.

Barack Obama’s entire foreign policy has, for his entire administration, been one of undermining the American position in the world on the theory that our foreign policy was founded by a bunch of white imperialists and the rest of the world would be better off if we keeled over dead. So he aims to make that happen if he can.

Around the world, the safeguards put in place after World War II and through the Cold War that were designed to provide stability are coming undone because Barack Obama thinks the world would be better off if the United States were less well off. Our relationship with Egypt is deteriorating with the new leadership in Egypt flirting with the Russians. Our relationship with Israel is degrading. Our relationship with Saudi Arabia too is fraying. Our relationships with western powers including Japan, Britain, and Australia are also being stressed by a feckless President who seems keen on rewarding our enemies and punishing our friends.

Barack Obama has, in fact, decided to realign the world in his image. He treats dictatorships better than democracies while here at home he is abusing his executive powers to ignore congress. He blames others for his missteps like training Syrian rebels, which he now says he opposed all along.


Barack Obama is running a beta male foreign policy where he sees the world in terms of victims and victimizers and concludes that the white privileged United States is the key victimizer in the world and must be stopped.

Unfortunately for Barack Obama, like all men who squat to pee soon realize, the world actually wants men who do not wear mom jeans. So our allies are beginning to flirt with Mother Russia. Vladimir Putin is reasserting himself in the Middle East, boxing in American foreign policy. Putin is leading an effort to save the Assad regime, kill off American backed rebels, and fight ISIS.

Unlike Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin actually realizes ISIS is a serious threat and can walk up to Russia, as opposed to having to hop airplanes to the United States. Putin does not see ISIS as poor little victims of American imperialism, but a cancer likely to spread. Putin sees Syria as an access point to the Mediterranean, a base of operations for Middle Eastern excursions, a way to control oil pipelines, and the keystone to undermining the United States.

Barack Obama has nothing. The leader of the free world is now ball gagged, unable to respond unless Vladimir Putin lets him. He’s turned the land of the free and the home of the brave into a nation that is playing second fiddle to the second coming of the Soviet regime.

But Obama is okay with that. Because he sees this as comeuppance for the United States. He’s perfectly happy to be beaten like Vladimir’s submissive in a dominatrix relationship because it is payback for all the sins of the United States. Barack Obama actually believes white privilege is a thing and America has taken advantage of it for too long.


No, it is not a grown up foreign policy. It is not really even a foreign policy at all. It is Barack Obama adopting the left’s view of social change to the world stage. It will fail him and it will fail the United States. A lot more people in the world will die because of it and many more than that will find themselves in war and tyranny.

Today we are seeing what leading from behind really means. It’s Vladimir Putin standing behind Obama BOHICA style.


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