10,000 Refugees: The Net Result of Barack Obama's Inaction

Barack Obama drew several lines in the sand that Syria kept crossing. He laughed off helping the rebels against Syria until he had to do something. Then he armed a bunch of rebels who sided with ISIS. The situation in Syria has continued to destablize.

Barack Obama’s answer was to help the people help themselves. We were not going to fight for them. They were going to have to do it themselves. And now we will be taking 10,000 Syrian refugees into our country because Barack Obama’s inaction led to a refugee crisis.

Mind you, we are learning from Europe that many of the refugees are disaffected young men. They are not all the Christian and Kurd refugees fleeing. But they’re coming here.

It is rather insane. A refugee crisis has happened because Barack Obama did not want to deal with the immediate issue. Now we are having to deal with a humanitarian crisis caused by Obama’s refusal to deal with a different humanitarian crisis. Meanwhile, Russia is building military installations in Syria to help the Syrians. Saudi Arabia is growing nervous because there is already a Russian-Iranian alliance that the Obama Administration wishes to ignore.

Time and time again we have to stand on clean up patrol to deal with Barack Obama created messes. ISIS did not exist until Barack Obama decided to withdraw from Iraq. The Islamic State was not a Caliphate until Barack Obama decided to turn his back on the situation in the Middle East.

Now we cannot turn our back to the refugees, but I suspect many Americans will now have to watch their backs as a great many potential “lone wolves” mix with the refugees. Oh, and by the way, while that is all happening, the spies continue to complain that Obama advisors have been gutting their intelligence so that they can portray ISIS as junior varisty.

Had the political apparatchiks of the Obama Administration, more intent on protecting his image than the American public, not muddied and gutted intelligence reports, you might wonder if Barack Obama would have then acted to stop ISIS. The obvious answer is that he would not. Barack Obama views white Christian Republicans as more a threat to national security than ISIS. After all, all the trained terrorists gunning down people around the world are just uncoordinated lone wolves. Just read the intelligence reports.

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