We're About to Witness the Greatest Show in Washington

Folks, we are about to witness the greatest show in Washington, D.c. It is coming to you within days. In fact, if you know where to look, it is already happening.

For decades, the GOP and Pro-Life groups have been pouring in money from people who want to stop the killing of innocent children.

Now we have videos of Planned Parenthood pulling whole children from freezers. We have videos of Planned Parenthood cutting open the head of a little boy while his heart is beating to extract his brain. We have videos of Planned Parenthood haggling over prices.

So now a large portion of the Pro-Life Movement™ and Republican Leadership are going to scramble to tell you that defunding Planned Parenthood will accomplish nothing and a government shutdown will do nothing.

Already, they are making the case that shutting down the government will not stop Planned Parenthood because Planned Parenthood gets money from mandatory spending, not discretionary spending. They have structured a system so they can take your money in the name of saving babies while doing nothing to stop it.

It is also utter crap.

If Republicans and the Pro-Life Movement™ want to stop Planned Parenthood, they would stop Planned Parenthood.

But they don’t really want to fight. They just want you to keep writing checks.

They will find excuses to let the killings continue and the money keep flowing all while trying to convince you not to believe your lying eyes.

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