Jim Pfaff for Congress

It’s been years ago now that Jim Pfaff and I became friends. He had been writing online then took a job with Focus on the Family. He worked on the Kansas Marriage Amendment issue and then worked in radio before becoming Chief of Staff for Congressman [mc_name name=’Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’H001057′ ]. But Jim is an Indiana boy and kept wanting to go home to Indiana. He finally made it there and has reached a point in his life where he wants to run for Congress.


I’m absolutely pleased to support Jim Pfaff for Congress. Jim has been a solid small government guy. He was pounding the drum for a secure border well before helping Congressman Huelskamp. He was rallying people with his radio show against amnesty a long time ago. He has been a pro-life champion for a long time and is absolutely committed to smaller government.

Jim has never been afraid to stand up to leaders in Washington on both sides. He is not afraid to tell Republican leaders no.

Indiana’s 9th Congressional District has become pretty solidly Republican over the last number of years and Jim will be a perfect fit for it. I hope you might help Jim get to Congress. We need more guys like him.


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