Mt. McKinley Is Still There

Barack Obama has decided, by the executive order, to rename Mt. McKinley, North America’s highest peak, Denali. That is the traditional name of the mountain, but it was changed back in 1917 or so to honor President McKinley.


The Alaska Delegation, including the Republicans, wanted it to go back to Denali. The Ohio delegation was blocking the legislation. President McKinley was from Ohio.

I will still call the mountain Mt. McKinley in the same way I will call Turin, Turin, instead of Turino like the idiots at NBC decided to do during that city’s time hosting the Olympics.

The fact that Obama has nothing better to do than do things he knows he could not have done politically if he were still standing for election is more significant than the name change itself. His executive actions can all be undone by the next President, including this one. Right now he’s trying to build his legacy potentially at the expense of the Democratic Party.

It’s not like Alaska is suddenly going to go Democrat because of this, but it is an issue in Ohio. He does not care.

It is just striking that to be considered significant, President Obama has decided to go the Ozymandius route. All that will remain is rubble and decay, but by God for now he can pretend to be relevant.

The act sounds more like a cry for help from an increasingly marginalize figurehead than a substantive act of policy.


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