BuzzFeed's Casey Gueren (@caseygueren) & Yahoo's Jen Gerson Uffalussy (@jennyalyse) Get Planned Parenthood Awards

Many commentators, not just on the right, have noticed a lack of coverage about the Planned Parenthood videos from BuzzFeed. In the rare coverage from BuzzFeed, it has mostly been to mock eye witnesses or downplay the findings of the Center for Medical Progress’s investigation.

Casey Gueren is the Health Editor for BuzzFeed and now we have a pretty good idea why Casey Gueren has decided to edit out any coverage of the atrocious videos. She got an award from Planned Parenthood.

You read that right.

In a country where most Americans are pro-life and more and more Americans, even those who consider themselves in favor of abortion rights, are outraged but what they’ve seen, it makes the work of propagandists for Planned Parenthood even more important.

The fact that an organization that considers itself a news organization would not only avoid at all costs covering objectively the Planned Parenthood tapes, but would also let its Health Editor accept an award from Planned Parenthood, shows BuzzFeed really has no intention of reporting fairly or honestly on a subject that has moved the nation.

Casey Gueren earned her award for being a propagandist for evil. Oh, and the award she accepted was named after Margaret Sanger, a KKK supporter who wanted to exterminate black children — kinda like what Planned Parenthood does now.

It is also worth noting that Yahoo! News Health Editor, Jen Gerson Uffalussy, also got the award after writing dismissively about the Center for Medical Progress videos.

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