The Debate

I’d like to say thank you to Fox News.

Four years ago we got to see television networks ask Republicans about birth control and global warming constantly. The networks focused on what they wanted, not what Republicans wanted.


Tonight, Fox News was kind enough to probe the candidates on issues that matter to the Republican voters.

The candidates showed humor and feistiness. The candidates were wise to let the moderators mostly handle Donald Trump. Trump was hilarious, but it seems even the crowd at the RedState Gathering who like Trump thought he lacked some depth where he should have had some. There was a lot of anger toward Trump, even from his supporters at the Gathering, that he’d potentially run third party. People want to beat Hillary.

I do not think any of the candidates really shined. There were moments for each of them. But there were not moments that really defined candidates except for perhaps Carly Fiorina in the first debate.

I think about the only people who stood out were the Fox moderators who gave us the best debate possible with ten candidates on stage.

But in two weeks, this debate will be forgotten, new events will change the polling, and everyone will be wondering when the first debate is having forgotten we’ve already had it.

We are a long way from Election Day. But Ben Carson did have the best closing statement.


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