Even In Politics Not Everything Is Political

I have seen a number of Republicans and even some Christian evangelicals in the past seventy-two hours make the case that the Republican Party should avoid a government shutdown to stop Planned Parenthood.


In fact, a few have said the fight against Planned Parenthood is just another ideological fight and government does so much more and depriving Planned Parenthood of any money will not stop abortion. Therefore, they should keep getting money for two more years until Republicans can win the White House, keep the Congress, and defund them.

There is merit to the political argument. But it is a political argument. It is an argument willing to turn away from what Planned Parenthood is doing, subsidized by tax payer dollars.

Some fights, even in politics, are not fights of politics, but fights of conscience. People get into office because they perceive government is failing in some way and they want to make the country better or fix something. People do not get into politics because of politics, but because of their conscience, their morals, and their sense of justice.


Planned Parenthood, subsidized by taxpayers, is killing children and harvesting their organs. Full stop.

There are some fights that are right even when the political calculus suggests otherwise. This is one of those fights. There are children being killed and their organs sold with tax dollars subsidizing the organization responsible.

Republicans should not make a political calculation on this. They should do what is right. That is to stand and fight to defund Planned Parenthood. There is no “but.” There is only stand and fight.


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