"Cuckservative" is a Racist Slur and an Attack on Evangelical Christians

Despite the white washing by Breitbart.com (pun intended), the phrase “cuckservative” is a racist slur. It is used by racists in support of a racialist agenda. The people who use it are not opposed to illegal immigration, but are opposed to immigration in general. They are opposed to evangelical Christians who support interracial adoption. They are opposed to anyone who does not think in terms of the white race.


They hate Rush Limbaugh. They hate conservatives. They hate actual, practicing Christians. They claim they are conservatives and Christians and they are not.

The other day I was attacked as a “cuckservative” and the proof that I was one is that I fill-in for Rush Limbaugh. The proof that Rush is a “cuckservative” is that, according to the person with the confederate flag for his twitter picture, Rush had hired outside “his tribe” for his call screener. Yes, Bo Snerdley is black. Seriously, that was the argument.

The Breitbart piece defending the word suggested it came from the bowels of the internet, but if you look at its first usages beyond 4chan, what do you get? Well, I won’t link to the sites as I won’t like to the twitter trolls, but here are some examples.

Here’s one of the earliest examples:

The cuckservative feels very passionate about issues like abortion, which rarely directly affects his own life. In fact, you might often hear a cuckservative talking about how abortion is “racist” since blacks and mestizos overwhelmingly get more abortions that whites.

Here’s another:

The cuckservative is often fanatically in favor of transracial adoption. He sees it as some divine calling. In a sense, this is cuckoldry at its essence, since these whites are usually forgoing their own inclusive fitness to adopt someone from another race. As Heartiste notes, they’re race-cucking their own families.


Referencing the final sentence in that piece, here is this:

Apparently, there are lots of white Evangelical Christians who think it is their God-given calling to rescue the world’s orphans from lives of destitution, and race-cuck their own families in the process.

The very first tweet by someone using the word also makes clear that the word is a race based slur.

Again, it is particularly targeted at evangelical Christians who tend to take less of a hardline on immigration and who are disproportionately the highest adopters of children outside their own race.

Or, you know, look at this twitter exchange when our own Caleb Howe passed off excerpts to Milo Yiannopoulos, the Bretibart.com writer who attempted to white wash the word. Milo decries the excerpt as “ugly stuff” and the comments following on it defend the excerpt.

The people who use the term “cuckservative” are racists, not conservative, and not Christian. They may claim to be Christian, but I have a hard time thinking anyone who sees the world in terms of skin color, instead of souls to be saved, is really meaningfully a Christian. Considering they routinely attack evangelical Christians for adopting outside their race or, you know, providing comfort to the children of illegal aliens who’ve been dropped off at the American border bewildered and abused, they sure are not acting on the faith they claim.


Oh, but one of them told me that God had made Cain black as punishment for killing Abel, so we don’t have to worry about them.

This is a passing fad of probably less than 100 people who, between them, share a few hundred lightly followed twitter accounts. But they have done a good, coordinated job of amplifying it. And I wish Breitbart.com had not tried to legitimize what is victim-based racism.

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