The Whores of Moloch Preside Over the American Press Corps

I often call the DC-NYC press that covers politics the circle of jerks. The euphemism implied in it aptly describes the typical coverage we have come to expect out of the press corps covering politics. But I think it is worth noting that, at root, they are whores of Moloch.


Moloch was the Middle Eastern idol to whom many pagans sacrificed children. The sacrifices were often propitiatory, that is they were designed to avoid divine retribution for things like population control, global warming, white privilege, etc.

We see this in the press’s lack of coverage of Planned Parenthood. Many of the whores are under the delusion that the videos have been edited. In fact, the unedited videos have been released. Two now have been released and more are coming. The first two not only show the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood discussing harvesting organs from children for sale, but then goes on to talk about altering abortion procedures to insure certain parts of children are not crushed.

Essentially, had Donald Trump crushed small children and sold their organs the whores of Moloch would claim he gave out [mc_name name=’Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’G000359′ ]’s phone number to avoid the story. That is how amazing it is that they have avoided the coverage.

In fact, the whores of Moloch who write for the Associated Press have worked overtime trying to make what Planned Parenthood did sound innocuous. ABC, CBS, NBC, most major newspapers, NPR, etc. have all worked overtime to avoid the story. CNN would prefer another missing airliner and allegation of a blackhole to avoid having to make eye contact with the story.


This is press bias at its finest. They cannot deal with one of their allies admitting in unedited tape to crushing children in order to extract their brains, livers, lungs, hearts, and other organs. They avoided the Kermit Gosnell story. They will avoid this story.

Miraculously, thanks to social media, the world is still finding out about what Planned Parenthood has done and what monsters they are.

The whores of Moloch will continue to fete Cecile Richards and trot her out, unharmed, on national television as some sort of champion of women’s rights when she is, in fact, the closest thing we have in America today to Josef Mengele.


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