Dear GOP, Including the Bush Family, Please Return Nancy G. Brinker's Donations

A few years ago, former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel, persuaded the Susan G. Komen Foundation to stop giving money to Planned Parenthood. There was a leftwing orchestrated public backlash and, on the advice of Karl Rove, the Komen Foundation reversed its position and Karen Handel quit as the Foundation resumed tithing to Planned Parenthood.


Nancy Brinker is a major Republican donor and heads the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Though she stepped down as CEO, she is still involved. She actually started the organization. And she’s been sending the blood money to Planned Parenthood while also passing cash to Republican candidates, from the Bush family to others.

Republicans should return Nancy Brinker’s contributions. They should not be taking money from anyone who bends to the whims of the left — a left we now know is crushing up children to extract their brains, eyes, livers, hearts, and other organs for sale.

Nancy Brinker made the decision to keep the blood money flowing to Planned Parenthood as it harvests organs. Republicans should stop taking her money and return what they have.

UPDATE: Or, better yet, follow Grover Norquist’s advice:


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