Her Get Up and Go Done Got Up and Went

Did you see Hillary Clinton’s press conference yesterday? She is like the Giant Sequoia of Campaign 2016 — old and casting a long shadow over the rest of the candidates. She claimed to be in favor of a tomorrow and future, but then attacked tech companies like Uber and AirBnb, both companies used by a growing number of people who could be referred to as saplings compared to Hillary Clinton. She wants to protect unionized industries and monopolies against challenge in the name of fairness.


There is nothing wrong with fairness. The greatest President in American history, Calvin Coolidge, said the job of government is to ensure a level playing field. But Clinton does not want to ensure a level playing field. She wants to hamper innovators to preserve legacy industries.

If we were in the twentieth century, Hillary Clinton would be the turn of the century politician calling for taxation on the horseless carriage to make life easier on the blacksmith. Now she’s ready to throw her orthopedic sabots in the gears of modern economic machinery.

The great problem for Hillary Clinton at this point is that she’s just throwing anything she can out there hoping it sticks. She has to attack upcoming technology in the name of the future because union bosses want her to. Union workers are in love with Bernie Sanders, a crank who actually means what he says. Everyone knows Hillary is coin operated and will say or do anything for a campaign check. She’s not trusted. She’s not believed. And her campaign has stumbled so badly, she’s created an opening for Joe Biden to save the Democrats from themselves.


Hillary Clinton’s get up and go done got up and went. She’s yesterday’s candidate, talking about yesterday’s political administration, defending yesterday’s business, because a Giant Sequoia can cast a long shadow on the “Bridge to the Twenty First Century,” but cannot uproot itself in order to cross that bridge.


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