The Case for Mike Flynn

A large group of conservatives around the country is proud to support Mike Flynn for Congress in Illinois. It is a special election and Mike is the only conservative running. He would be a major upgrade.


If you are wondering, not sure, have questions, or want to know more, Ace of Spades has a very detailed piece outlining the case for Mike Flynn.

Folks — you always ask what you can do for the cause. Here’s what you can do. Support Mike Flynn.

One time I was talking about Mike about the Second Amendment. The discussion involved the fact that the Second Amendment seems, pretty clearly, to be about, at the end of the day, an armed citizenry’s ability to resist an oppressive government, should that dark day arrive. I mentioned that the left keeps insisting that the Second Amendment is all about huntin’ some ducks.

Mike said: “The Framers of the Constitution did not write the Second Amendment to protect against a Tyranny of Geese.”

And then he chuckled that dry laugh of his.

We need some people in Congress — not just out on the radio, not just writing books but in the actual well of Congress — explaining to people that the Second Amendment is not about the Framer’s fear of the Tyranny of Geese. We need someone who gets that, and someone fluent enough with ideas to actually articulate that in an appealing and interesting way.

Please, please go read the whole thing.


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