If Hillary Clinton Fell in the Forest Would Anybody Hear?

You might not have known this, but Hillary Clinton has not announced she is running for President.

I realize she put out a video telling us she was running for President.

I realized she did a driving tour of Iowa after that announcement to tell everyone she was running for President.

I even realize she did another announcement this past week.

But Democrats are still talking about Hillary Clinton’s coming campaign announcement and kick off. That begs the question — if Hillary Clinton fell in the forest would anybody notice? Apparently no. If she were a tree she’d probably be noticed, but then at her age her tree equivalent would be a Giant Sequoia and those do tend to get noticed when they fall.

What people are noticing, however, is the amazing corruption within the Cult of Clinton. The latest story is that the Clinton Foundation racked up millions from Sweden at the same time Hillary Clinton’s State Department was dealing with Swedish business interests. Were she a Republican, the Obama Administration would have already indicted her and her husband.

Hillary’s polling reflects the growing distrust. There is a drip, drip, drip to the slow roll out of stories on corruption. Those drips will eventually add up to serious water damage.

No one may have noticed her continual need to re-announce that she is running for office, but everyone sure is noticing the regular pattern and practice of Clinton Foundation payoffs while countries had business before Hillary Clinton. It’s only a matter of time before the press starts rolling out the second round of stories — corporations that hired Teneo who then saw Bill Clinton make Clinton Foundation trips to countries where those corporations were having difficulty.

Just wait.